DyaPress Premium can be used without purchasing licence tokens, it is free DyaPress Premium. However activating DyaPress Premium with licence tokens enables the following features :

Adding or importing already paid orders

Free DyaPress Premium is restricted to adding or importing unpaid orders only.

Activated DyaPress Premium can be used to create or import already paid orders.

No application fee on Stripe Payment

Free DyaPress Premium payment made with Stripe have an application fee of 0.9% on payment plus a fixed amount depending on currency (9 cents for € for example).

Activated DyaPress Premium have no application fee, only default fee from Stripe are applied.

Improved API rate limit

DyaPress Premium API usage are limited by a leaky bucket algorithm.

Free DyaPress Premium have a bucket size of 10 requests and a leak rate of 1 per second while activated DyaPress Premium have a bucket size between 20 to 200 requests and a leak rate between 2 to 20 par second, depending on licence level.

You purchase token independantly of DyaPress Premium licenses. One token can activate a DyaPress Premium licenses for one day. The minimum number of tokens to activate a DyaPress Premium license or to buy is 30. The more token you buy, the more you save.

Number of tokensDiscountPrice per token (VAT excluded)
30 - 89-
90 - 17920%
180 - 35935%
360 - 71945%
720 - 143950%
1440 - 287955%
2880 - 575960%
5760 - 1151965%
11520 - 2303970%
23040 and more75%

The first software using the full API of DyaPress Premium is DyaPress e-Commerce.

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